Troy Tutterrow


A senior PEO professional, I rely on my deep knowledge of the industry, business acumen and vast network of personal and professional relationships across the country to help broker deals where everybody wins.

Personally involved with each engagement, I lead Voyager and my clients to remarkable success, in no small part due to my long-standing relationships with the owners and CEOs of PEOs across the country. While anyone can email an underwriter with a proposal, there are only a few of us who have a direct line to the senior management and ownership of a PEO, and I have placed many businesses others found impossible by persuading my friends with a combination of persistence, flexibility and plain old business sense.

I pioneered the practice of PEO broker, after having spent several years as a salesman with Staff Leasing, working out of its Melbourne, Florida office. Selling the services of the first PEO when the industry was new, I helped introduce the country to the advantages of outsourcing employee benefits, payroll, workers compensation and government compliance and reporting. And by focusing on streamlining services and always keeping my word, I ensured that our clients fully realized and enjoyed the cost- and time- savings of employee leasing.

I also founded and ran my own successful brokerage company for 15 years, serving businesses large and small across Florida, and many of my first clients still come to me for their employee leasing services, some 20-odd years later.

Today, I focus my time and attention on helping brokers and salesmen find the most appropriate PEOs for their clients, scope their contracts and engage all parties to close deals where everyone walks away a winner.

Our Team

Tag line for Company Mission

Christopher Poole has been building relationships and developing strategic partnerships for years. An accomplished executive consultant and marketer, his expertise in client and employee solutions has driven notable growth to Human Resources Outsourcing companies also known as (PEO’s) Professional Employer Organizations.

Critical thinking and the ability to target and evaluate C level executives and entrepreneurs to help them with administrative, payroll and tax compliance, health benefits and workers compensation, human resources and retirement planning solutions. Chris is able to consistently reach the “right” answer for the prospect firm.

While employed as a nationwide sales executive at The NELCO Companies (a PEO) Chris developed, sold and managed a $65mm book of business in five years. Additionally Chris manages another book of business for his own company Tower Hill & Associates.

Chris has achieved a sizeable book of business and is recognized as one of the industry’s top producers and consistently delivers impressive bottom line results. He believes in creating FRIENDS in his relationships, rather than “having clients” which makes him successful in life, as well as business.

Steve began his career in the Employee Leasing Industry in August of 1991, helping hundreds of employers and all types of businesses throughout the state of Florida in the areas of Human Resources, Workers Compensation, Risk Management, Employee Benefits and Payroll.

He has successfully increased profitability for his clients by maximizing employee productivity, reducing time spent on transactional HR, reducing employment related liability and ultimately reducing labor costs.

Steve previously worked for large employee leasing firms, and has owned and operated his own brokerage. He has presently joined forces with longtime friend and associate, president of Voyager, Troy Tutterrow. Between them both they have over 50 years of experience in the PEO Industry.

Colby ensures that all our potential clients are managed properly and efficiently. He is responsible for processing all deals and establishing communication between our office, each PEO and our clients. He keeps in touch with all clients by sending out a monthly newsletter, calling, emailing and personal office visits with our clients to ensure that their needs are always fulfilled.

Colby brings a fresh young mind to the table with up to date knowledge of social media and technological capabilities in the workplace.

Deborah handles all accounting responsibilities for Voyager as well as balancing all our client’s monthly payrolls and ensuring that everything is being processed accurately. Deborah has over 40 years of experience in Accounting and the PEO industry and also acts as a Senior Advisor to the company, assisting in our financial and corporate decisions.

Marlen plays a vital role in our business and assists with our Spanish speaking clients acting as a translator to ensure that all our clients are fully supported.

We makes us different

  • Experience We represent decades of PEO experience
  • Competitive Guaranteed to meet or exceed our competition in customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility We understand that a single solution does not fit every company’s need, and work with you to find what best fits your requirements
  • Commitment We have long standing relationships with our clients, business owners and PEO’s

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