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Voyager Business Concepts is a premier Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokerage that has been providing solutions for companies nationwide since 1993.

Many businesses find it cost effective to partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to aid growth while containing or minimizing costs. Outsourcing payroll, insurance and human resource functions helps trim budgets and relieve the time-consuming administrative burdens of running the business allowing the focus to shift to building the success of your company.

Workers Compensation

Reduce your premium rates by up to 40% by partnering with a PEO.

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Employee Benefits

Retain your employees by offering cost effective Benefit programs.

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Payroll Administration

Eliminate the cost and burden of your Payroll Aministration.

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Human Resources

Manage compliance with federal and statue regulations.

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Voyager Business Concepts

Providing business solutions for Small to Medium sized Companies

Our Partnerships

It may be cost effective to partner with a PEO to help your business grow while containing or minimizing costs.

PEOs are licensed, federally regulated entities that work with your company to reduce administrative burdens by outsourcing certain office functions.

PEO Brokers

We offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your client(s).

PEO Brokers

We understand that every organization is different and offer a variety of business solutions to best fit the specific needs of your individual customers.
Discover how we can accommodate your clients from our variety of outsourcing solutions.

Small Businesses

Companies of under 100 employees stand to gain the most benefit by using
a PEO.

Small Businesses

With the skyrocketing cost of Health Plans small businesses can now offer their employees affordable choices when choosing to use a PEO.

Improve efficiency and enhance the benefits of your workforce.

Medium Sized Companies

Medium sized Companies are also finding value in PEOs by taking advantage of existing technology.

Medium Companies

PEOs offer a full suite of products and technologies including Payroll, web based HR Management and Benefits Administration Systems.
Many companies will partner up PEOs that will work in conjunction with their existing HR Department.

PEO Broker Service

Over the years Voyager has evolved into a PEO broker service, and today we focus on helping other brokers and salespeople across the country identify how best to frame and shape agreements, which PEO is best suited for which business and how to engage all parties in order to seal the deal.

Client Advocate

We are committed to providing the most streamlined and cost effective services for our customers. Our devotion to our customers is mirrored in their loyalty, and today we still manage accounts for some of our oldest clients.

Expert Advice & Support

At Voyager we become personally involved with each engagement, marshaling our experience and knowledge of the industry to identify the best path forward for our clients. We call on my personal relationships with PEO owners and senior management to identify and overcome roadblocks and craft agreements that benefit all parties.